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Since I started The Little Red Journal, my life has seen many changes. In February 2012, I went vegan after my mom was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Within six months, I had lost 30 lbs., regained my health, and began to think about how I could improve other areas of my life.

One night in November 2012, my husband and I watched a TED talk by Adam Baker which really had me thinking about what freedom meant to me. I immediately watched I'm Fine, Thanks and was inspired to pay off the remaining $17,000 in student loans that we had. With the help of the budgeting tools on Mint.com, we paid off our student debt in April 2014, less than 18 months after we started paying attention to every single penny we spent.

We welcomed Eleanor Jane in February 2015, and purchased our first home by saving $16,000 in 7 months for the down payment and closing costs. We're all settled in to our 1,653 square foot home and have recently purged even more items to focus on the nonmaterial things (like strengthening relationships) that are important to us.

This blog has steadily evolved to reflect the changes in my life, beliefs, and outlook on life. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope to provide some insight into how you can find your freedom, too.


Readers: I'd love to connect with you! Whether you have questions on going plant-based, paying off debt, embracing minimalism, or are even looking for support, feel free to send me an email. My goal for The Little Red Journal is to inspire, encourage, and support anyone who is interested in pursuing this journey.

Companies, chefs, and writers: If you have a product, cookbook, or book that may be a great fit for The Little Red Journal and my readers, I'd love to review them or hold a giveaway! Please send me an email with details describing your product and I'll be in touch soon to discuss how we can collaborate.

Disclosure Statement
This blog is produced during my "free time" (i.e. outside of my day job) and has been a passion for me for quite some time! As The Little Red Journal has evolved with a focus on a vegan, plant-based lifestyle, there have been opportunities where I've been approached by a company or an organization to review a product. If I receive a free product, it will be clearly noted within the post.

I always strive to provide an honest assessment of anything that I post about, whether it is something that I have found through my own research or if it's been brought to my attention otherwise. All reviews of food trailers and restaurants are unsolicited and places that I have found to be amazing enough to share with all of you! 

Many times I will link to other resources that I have found to be invaluable during my own journey and that offers great content that I believe you will also find to be helpful. I do not receive any compensation for these links. My goal is to share all of the information, research, products, and more that have enhanced my lifestyle in one way or another!