Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Snag Some Deals Using Groupon Coupons

You're standing in line at [insert your favorite place here] and you've been contemplating whether or not you should make this purchase. If you're like me, you immediately whip out your phone and Google [store name + coupon]. And why wouldn't you? Everyone loves a deal. Groupon now offers coupons, and with more than 75,000 coupons available at over 9,300 stores, you should be typing in [store name + Groupon coupons], or better yet, check their site for the complete listing to shop smarter.

I'm a (new) mom, so the first place I clicked during my coupon hunt was the "Babies & Kids" category. There are eight categories to choose from and all the top names you shop at anyway as a parent (BabiesRUs, The Children's Place, and, to name a few!).

Not a mom? No problem. There's a total of 48 categories to choose from, ranging from Art and Haircare to Free Samples and Pet Supplies. No matter where your interests are, there's a coupon out there for you. In my attempt to round up the best categories for my readers, read on and find the persona that best describes you!

Mommas | I'm the mom who had a cabinet full of baby food—when Eleanor was only three months old and not even thinking about solids. Guess how I stocked my cabinet? That's right. Lots and lots of coupons. I'm a big believer in saving money when and where you can, because I'm constantly looking at our budget and trying to reallocate funds to make it all work.

Categories you'll love: Babies & Kids | Cleaning Products | Free Samples | Grocery | House & Home

College Students | This was me, nearly a decade ago! I totally get it, and I know how super broke it feels to be a student. I always wanted to rebel against the sky-high textbook prices, although I never really knew how to take a stand. Luckily, there are great deals to be found online for used textbooks. Because, seriously, how do they charge $140 for a book that looks to be seven years old? Insane. Save your money for your college loan payoff!

Categories you'll love: College & Education | Computers, Laptops & Tablets | Electronics

Creatives |  I guess it's just my love for words, but I find myself gravitated towards to all things DIY and crafty. I've found myself scrolling through Pinterest saying, "I could totally make that myself" one too many times. And I often surprise myself every time it turns out just as good or even better. Crafting can become expensive, so it's best to save where you can so you can splurge on more glitter.

Categories you'll love:
Art | Craft Supplies | Hobby & Collectibles | Musical Instruments

Night Owls | While my nights are filled with snuggles and eskimo kisses with a seven-month-old baby, I dream of the days where we spontaneously drove to a movie theater (Without even looking at the movies playing beforehand!). Those were the days! Now, I tend to stream more than anything and settle for episodes of Chopped! instead of going out with a baby. Because, really, I just don't have the energy anymore! But for those of you who can sneak away from the house or have some time, this is perfect for you!

Categories you'll love: Event Tickets | Movies & Music | Flowers & Gifts | Restaurants & Bars

Young at Heart | I consider this persona as someone who loves to have fun. I'm talking about the person who always volunteers to have a party at their place, or is up for adventure whenever! I love playing games (and only wish I had more time to log hours on some good ol' RPGs, but alas).

Categories you'll love: Costumes | Outdoors | Party Supplies | Toys & Games | Travel

Pampered Divas | I'm all about saving money, but when I have to spend it, I'd like to get great deals on food, clothing, and all things beauty-related. I've bought Groupons for great deals at my favorite vegan restaurant ($15 for $25 worth of food!), but this is when you're standing in line with a pair of jeans at Kohl's (see scenario I described in the first paragraph) and want to snag an extra discount. You know what I'm talking about! And I can't even tell you how often I'm looking for a great deal on a massage, either. Nothing beats a great deep tissue massage.

Categories you'll love: Clothing | Fitness & Diet | Food & Gourmet | Haircare | Health & Beauty | Jewelry | Department Stores

This conent has been sponsored by Groupon.