Friday, May 15, 2015

Bunnies By The Bay Gift Set Review

I received an email before my daughter was born from a representive at Bunnies By The Bay. I had been so pleased to hear they enjoyed my blog and they wanted to send me a small gift for the arrival of Eleanor. Before I received the special package, I checked out their products or "harelooms" as they like to call them, and saw so many cute things. I especially loved their plush toys and

I was so excited to see what they had sent and let out a big "Awwwww!" when I saw the items wrapped in tissue paper with carrots. I carefully unwrapped it to reveal a Kiddo Romper Gift Set and a Kiddo Bye Bye Buddy security blanket, both of which were absolutely adorable. I couldn't wait to put Eleanor in the romper, but she was only a few days old when the package arrived.

When we finally could put her in the 0-3 month outfit, we set up a mini photoshoot and dressed her up. Her patience was running thin, as we had several outfits to try on, but we snagged two good photos!

I also ended up putting the little bluebird on her crib between the wall and the side of the crib. She loved to stare at it during the early days of being in her crib and I often shook it since it served as a rattle, too. The security blanket is also extremely soft and cuddly.

The "harelooms" from Bunnies By The Bay include books, toys, apparel, blankets, and gift sets. Check out their site!

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