Monday, February 9, 2015

A Minimalist's Approach to Revamping a Pair of Wedding Shoes

I talk frequently about letting things go as a part of my journey into minimalism. I whittled down my closet to the essentials, and even during my pregnancy, I lucked out by scoring some maternity pants from a coworker. When we moved from Austin to Houston, I packed up several boxes of items, including many pairs of shoes. While living with Kendan's cousin for nearly a year, only a few pairs made it into the closet of a spare bedroom we were renting.

When we bought our house, I couldn't wait to unpack and give away more donations to Goodwill. I know that sounds kind of odd, but we hadn't used anything in the boxes for nearly a year, as they had been stacked in my parents garage, rearranged dozens of times and remained unopened. I finally found the box labeled "Kelsey's Shoes" and knew which ones I had wanted to keep.

I pulled out my wedding shoes and tossed them in the keep pile. After much debate, I decided to revamp my wedding shoes. I found the Houston Shoe Hospital and dropped them over the next day for a total makeover. The dingy creme-colored pair of shoes were slightly dirty from my bridal photography session (by an amazing photographer—Sassani Photography), and the handful of times I had worn them since then. When I picked them up a few weeks later, I was absolutely stunned at how they turned out.

There are now only five pairs remaining out of the nearly dozen or so pairs I had accumulated over the years, which include
  • one pair of black flats
  • one pair of tennis shoes
  • one pair of flip flops
  • one pair of silver heels
  • one pair of black (wedding) shoes
My point is this: Don't let go of something that means so much to you. For me, keeping this one pair of shoes and revamping them as my only pair of black heels was important to me. I donated my other pair, as I only need one black pair of heels. Invest in a high-quality piece of clothing or item that makes you happy, and be OK with that! I can't wait to rock these new heels, but I'm currently nearing 9 months of pregnancy, so we'll have to wait a few more weeks. 

Check out my before and after photos below!

Photo Credit | Sassani Photography
Photo Credit | Sassani Photography

Kelsey is a passionate vegan living in Houston, Texas, spreading the word about the benefits of eating a healthy, plant-based diet. She's also a minimalist enthusiast, a self-proclaimed financial guru of her household, and founder of The Little Red Journal.


  1. hi there,
    just wanted to comment how much I love your blog! I actually stumbled across it, and it is just terrific! Will be a follower from now on...Wanted to give my details, just for kicks! Well, I have TWO sets of boy twins, another sweet boy, and I am due in a month with another boy! But wait, it gets better! My twin boys are exactly 10 months apart!!! Yep, you read correctly!!! My obgyn declared me a super fertile mama because I had my first set at 23, and then we thought we were in the clear, breast feeding, etc., and something seemed off...bam, doctor´s appointment corfimed I was expecting another set of twins. In fact, when I went to the doctor, my babies were four months old, and I was three months along. Very,very rare, but it happens! I love it! Now my boys are 11, 10, and my other son is 9. He was born 11 months to the day after the last set of twins. Kind of a surprise, but we were also planning it! Yes, we have our hands full, but we would not have it any other way. For years, I thought we were totally in the clear as I have my tubes tied, and guess what? Three late periods is not early menopause...I am due 25 March with a baby boy. I am so excited. Morning sickness has been terrible, and my hormones have been crazy, but ready to start life as a family of 8.
    Sorry to ramble on, but I thought you would enjoy my story. If you are wondering, my doctor is amazed. He said my fertility is way crazy, and my cycles can not be predicted. husband is an ER doctor. He does get a deal on medical "equipment" i.e. condoms...believe you me...we will be buying them by the truckload!!! Thankfully I have never minded being pregnant. We always wanted a big family. People tend to ask me if I know how I got this way? ! What a comment...yes, I do!

    1. Awesome to hear! As my husband and I finish up day 9 of being first-time parents, we definitely appreciate parents of twins. There are some moments where I feel I couldn't have done this with twins, but you sound like you know what you're doing! Congrats on all your little boys and the upcoming new addition to your family! We have thoroughly enjoyed our newborn and are relishing every moment, as I know these days go by so fast. Thanks again for your comment, and please do continue to keep an eye out for new posts. I'll try to continue as I enjoy my maternity leave!


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