Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our Move Out of Austin & Where We're At Now

We finally moved and are settling in to our temporary lifestyles as we piece our future together. We moved back to our hometown on January 1st, because why not start the new year off in a completely new environment with dozens of uncertainties?!

The night before the move (New Year's Eve), my brother-in-laws, a friend, my husband, and I all went to a dinner at Bouldin Creek Cafe. I was completely peaceful, and you'll probably hear me say this again, but even as I knew there were more boxes to be packed at the apartment, there was a calm that had washed over me. I had thought before that I was rushed on making decisions and I tend to second guess myself, but this was different.

My close friend texted me as we were waiting for the ball to drop in New York, and I made plans to meet up with her the next day. This is a friend that I had met a few years ago, and she had become my mentor of sorts in life, providing me with guidance, tough love, and support when I always needed it the most. During breakfast on New Year's day, it was clear to me that I had made the right decision, and she further assured me of this.

We zipped around the apartment once we began to move boxes into the vehicles and trailer, and things became a blur from there. I quickly began cleaning the apartment and putting the final touches on it to ensure we wouldn't be slammed with ridiculous fees upon moving out. The worst part of this move is that we'll be hit with a $645 fine for moving out before our lease originally ended and we're also responsible for paying the rent through February 9th. Yay!

I knew we wouldn't have an easy out or perfect timing, so living with family while we figure out where we'll live was the obvious solution to this, as we didn't want to immediately move in to another apartment and pay double rent. My parent's garage has a corner carved out with our possessions, and we're all happier now that it's done.

I'm currently looking for a position, but am optimistic with several opportunities popping up. We'll continue to work through this and are excited about beginning our lives in the Houston area. I'll be attempting to write more and more as I take a little time to have a mental break while I search for my next position. I promised myself to not churn out content just because, and my absence in the last couple of months is due to all of the move and decisions floating around in my head lately. You'll be hearing more from me soon!