Monday, September 9, 2013

Picking Up My New Hobby: Sewing

My husband has recently picked up his new hobby of homebrewing, and I've been toying with the idea of trying out something new, as well. For several weeks I thought about sewing, and wasn't even sure where to begin since I am an amateur. A friend let me borrow he sewing machine, but after three hours and lots of yelling via Skype with my parents.

I was having all kinds of problems trying to thread the machine and wasn't sure if I was doing it right. I gave up shortly after and grabbed my car keys to purchase a brand new sewing machine.

I went to Hancock Fabrics and purchased a Brother LS-590 sewing machine for only $89. There's 25 stitch patterns, but I honestly am just working on sewing straight lines at this point. I was looking for something that could be easy for me to get started, and something that I could grow with as my techniques and quality of projects improved.

My first project was a super simple pin cushion. Once I stuffed it with Poly-Fil and finished sewing the edge, I felt such a big sense of accomplishment. I know it's just a pin cushion, but this was my first ever project that I had sewn all on my own. Next, I used some the same chevron cream and blue duck cloth fabric to create two throw pillows for our couch. I also made a smaller pillow that happened to be the perfect size for my dog's bed.

I definitely am excited about all the other possibilities for new and exciting sewing projects. I have no idea what else I'll be tackling, but I have a few ideas in mind. I picked up a couple of books with some projects in them, and I'm hoping I'll be able to venture into the wide world of sewing with confidence. Join me on my adventures and keep an eye out on some quick tutorials as I complete them.

Kelsey is a passionate vegan living in Houston, Texas, spreading the word about the benefits of eating a healthy, plant-based diet. She's also a minimalist enthusiast, a self-proclaimed financial guru of her household, and founder of The Little Red Journal.

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