Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ways to Minimize Your Housework and Belongings

During our move a few weeks ago, my husband and I were discussing how many things we have donated in preparation for our new apartment. I am the queen of donating, and people are actually afraid to give me presents knowing that if I don't find it useful, I will simply donate it. Packing up the kitchen was a big wake-up call for us, and I sat there staring at ramekins and other useless items that I thought I needed to cook or the cabinet full of cups and dishes that overflowed for only two inhabitants of a one bedroom apartment.

As we stared at all of our boxes, my husband said, "We should go down to one plate." I thought about that and wondered how awesome it would be to just be responsible for cleaning two plates when meal time rolled around. Unfortunately, we aren't there just yet. I currently have a nice set of dishes from my great aunt that I can't let go of. They really are beautiful, but it's one sentimental thing that I can't let go of. Aside from their beauty, you can imagine our surprise when we first microwaved one and realized there was silver lining the edges of the dishes that will create sparking when heated!

Minimalism to me isn't about getting down to a backpack of your possessions, but downsizing to the things that you really want and need in your life. Once you start to dig around your kitchen, living room, bedroom closet, and bathroom, you realize that you really don't need all of that excess and that you could simply do without. There's something magical that happens once you get rid of all the little useless things in your life. I couldn't pinpoint it at first, but now I know what it is.

I can wake up in the morning and quickly tidy up the house before heading to work. There's no longer tons of little things laying around and everything has a purpose. I've always been sort of a neat-freak and I pride myself on my organization, but once you whittle down your belongings to the things that make sense for everyday use, you really free up tons of time. It's easier to get dressed in the morning, my kitchen always looks pretty spotless, and I am not stressing about big messes.

Think of the things in your life that bog you down or make you feel like you need to do a laundry-list of chores. Ugh, sorry to make you do that, but now check out these tips below for ways to ease your mind and lift the burden of abundance.

  • Recycle cheap plastic storage containers and invest in Pyrex storage pieces that can quickly be tossed in the dishwasher and will last forever
  • Clear out your living area of uneccessary items, including small catch-alls that attract clutter
  • Look at your kitchen counters, rethink the space, and set out only frequently used items like spices and a cutting board
  • Recycle any worn out plastic cups and invest in some glass or my favorite: Tervis tumblers
  • Take a look around your bedroom and put away any items that are catching dust
  • Utilize the drawers or shelves in the bathroom to store your essentials and keep them in an easy to reach space

Kelsey is a passionate vegan living in Houston, Texas, spreading the word about the benefits of eating a healthy, plant-based diet. She's also a minimalist enthusiast, a self-proclaimed financial guru of her household, and founder of The Little Red Journal.

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