Sunday, November 25, 2012

Restaurant Review: Bouldin Creek Cafe

As part of my vegan lunch hour where my coworker and I venture out into Austin and try out a new place, we stopped by Bouldin Creek Cafe. They serve only vegetarian and vegan options and have a full menu to choose from. We drove out to South 1st and immediately upon walking in, we saw a coffee bar and the walls were adorned with interesting artwork. The place was packed on a weekday afternoon, so I knew it had to be amazing. 

There wasn't a long wait at all, and once we were seated, we ordered a plate of hummus, veggies and whole wheat tortilla points while we looked the menu over. I wanted the Veggie Royale with chipotle-pecan pesto (amazing), and she ordered (and still raves about) the Wanna-BLT. 

Since then, I brought back my husband and another friend for a Saturday brunch where I again ordered the Veggie Royale (no judgement please!) while they had some breakfast items. The mood was super casual, but definitely much more packed than a weekday with people lined up out the door. We didn't mind the wait at all, since there was such a great atmosphere. Again, the food was delicious and my non-veg friend loved it.

Most recently my husband and I dined there for dinner, and I must say out of all three meals that I've had so far, I loved dinner the best. The lighting on the patio was perfect for a late Fall night and there was such a nice breeze that seems kind of rare for Texas, even in November. I had every intention of ordering the Wanna-BLT, but once I read they had an Autumn Enchilada dinner plate, my order was settled! 

Of course we ordered a plate of hummus and then once my enchiladas came, I was simply overjoyed. First, I haven't had enchiladas in months, and they were always my favorite omnivore dish. Second, these smelled amazing and had veggie chorizo, sweet potatoes and vegan mozzarella cheese with a marinara sauce. They were more than I could have hoped for and then some.

If you're looking for a laid-back veg*n restaurant in Austin, head on over to Bouldin Creek Cafe for your next meal. They have a friendly staff, amazing food, great prices and you'll be coming back for more.  

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